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Lesson 2 Vocab 38 - Meta Robots

The "Meta Robots" tag is part of the HTML family of programming tags that help with your SEO efforts. Knowing how to program it and where it belongs inside each individual web page is not as important as knowing how it can be useful on every page.

IMPORTANT: Cancel your service and find something different if your CMS does not give you the ability to change your Meta Robots tag on every page of your website. Seriously. No Joke. No Control? CANCEL NOW!

The "Meta Robots" tag relates back to our previous discussion on Robots, or bots for short. When a search engine bot reads your website it will first look for directions for handling your website.

Using the Meta Robots tag you can instruct the search engine to crawl that page for later indexing; or you can tell it read the page and continue to the next page on your site without indexing; or you can tell the bot to stop and go no further.

Because this is a basic introduction I'm not giving you the exact programming codes on how to do this. But I will give you some examples:

Your Home Page - The bot should read and index everything, then keep going. Your home page and all information is always important.

Your Contact Us Page - The bot should just move on to the next page. Indexing your form pages is not important unless they have a special purpose with 250 words or more of content.

Your Privacy Policy Page - The bot should just stop. There is no need to read or waste time indexing your privacy policy page. If your customers are interested they will go and find it. Google has limited room, so keep this page out of the index and it will leave room for your important pages.
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