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How-To Create Articles for Low Budget Advertising

This is an expanded lesson relating to article publishing.

So many people say they can't write. I just don't want to hear that because it's a total lie.

Every time a customer comes into your store you have to use some kind of salesmanship to convince them that you are the better jewelry store in town. Sometimes you have to tell a story; sometimes it's just a long descriptive process of the jewelry. This sales process is your key to writing.

Get yourself a digital voice recorder and secretly record yourself talking to a customer. Transcribe your conversation and you can use that in advertising online. The transcriptions will become a set of articles for you. Talking into a voice recorded feels cumbersome at first, but it gets easier the more you do it. After a while you might even find yourself dictating articles while you are driving.

You don't need articles ready to publish before signing up for article publishing. In fact I recommend you get yourself an account on a reputable article publishing website months in advance of publishing your first article. I'll admit I'm in favor of Don't worry about the specifics of how to publish.

Once you set up an account now with they will send you an email every day with directions for you to become a good publisher. These directions are amazing and invaluable for your career in article publishing.

So what does this have to do with online marketing? Just like blogging, article publishing will gain you credibility and eventual popularity. This is not a speed race. Article publishing will not get you business overnight, but as you publish, you will attract online interest in what you sell and what you service.

Eventually the customers will come, and if you're really lucky, your articles will be picked up by a news agency that will call for expert advice for one of their own articles.
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