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Lesson 2 Vocab 19 - Conversion Rate and List Building

How many visitors to your website become customers? If you have 54 visitors to your website every day, how many of them will become customers?

Before we can answer that question we must first figure out for ourselves what someone has to do before we consider them a customer. When it comes to websites and visitors, what might surprise you is that they don't have to spend money to "convert" from a simple random visitor into a "customer."

Your website can do many things for you. The common thing you might think it does is sell, but as a brick and mortar jewelry store your website won't even do that. Pure statistics show us that less than 1% of all jewelry websites that try to sell online succeed.

Instead, you should focus on creating some kind of alternative customer interaction.

Here are some good examples:
      Email Newsletter Signup
      Question submitted through the Contact Us form
      Registration for an event
      Fill out a form to receive a discount offer via email
      Comment on your blog
      Setting up a wish list

Each of these actions will result in capturing the person's email address. Once you have their email address you can freely email your newsletter and regular special offers. This entire process of gathering email addresses is called "List Building," and it's probably the most important thing you should be doing with your website.

Everyone who takes one of the actions mentioned above should be considered a customer. Out of 54 visitors every day, how many of them take action of some type? Your "conversion rate" is the percentage of visitors that turn into customers by taking action.
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