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Lesson 2 Vocab 21 - Delisting, Banned

If you participate in any Black Hat schemes you will eventually get caught by Google or Yahoo! or your competition. Once caught you will be removed from the search engines!

Removal from the search engines is a manual process. Google and Yahoo! do not go looking for websites using Black Hat techniques. Instead they wait for complaints from users.

You will be investigated if someone complains about your site. If Black Hat techniques are discovered you will be removed from their index permanently. This removal is called "delisting."

They will make a copy of your website for their file in case you decide to fight them, and they will also keep your name on file.

Once your website is delisted you will have to start over with a brand new website. You can't simply duplicate your old website using a new domain because it will automatically be blocked from indexing.

Repeat offenders will eventually be completely "banned" from the search engines. In other words, your name will end up on a permanent "no index" list if you repeatedly create websites and use Black Hat methods.

Google keeps track of the real people who own domain names, even if you have a private registration.

Once your name gets on a no index list every one of your domain names will be delisted from Google and Yahoo! Black Hat is dangerous stuff. If you play in that sandbox you will eventually hurt your financial income.

If you haven’t realized it yet, the terms "delisting" and "banned" are the same thing and are used interchangeably.
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