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Lesson 2 Vocab 51 - Usability

Websites should no longer be designed to only appease your own personal likes and style. Large interactive websites should instead be designed with "human computer interaction" in mind.

You need to make sure the website design and layout is innately easy to understand with a high degree of friendliness. This type of design takes longer to implement, and requires the talents of website designers who have experience analyzing how and why visitors click on things.

This entire design method and the philosophy of worrying about how jewelry website visitors click is known as "Usability."

Even the more experienced usability expert could not design a perfectly accurate website for you on their first try. Every customer group, from every area of the United States or other parts of the world will respond differently to design variations. The only way to create a perfect Usability design is to continually monitor and tweak a live running site, or one that has been created with a specific focus test group.

Here at the Jeweler Website Advisory Group we continually gather data on jewelry website designs that work. We track them and report on them for you. Our ideas are presented as starting points only and whatever you implement should be tested continuously.
Confused and worried about your mobile website options? Click here to find out how to get your own website evaluation and a game plan to make it better.

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