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Friday, January 22, 2010

Lesson 2 Vocab 02 - 202 Response

by Matthew A Perosi
If you're saying "oh great, he's starting with the technical stuff," you'd be correct. Remember that the internet is nothing more than a bunch of computers that talk to each other. They talk in 1's and 0's and other strings of numbers and strange characters. As the internet has evolved many of us tech-heads have realized that you guys, the non-techies need to be shielded from this stuff.

You don't need to know what those crazy numbers are all about, you just need to know how to use it, have fun and more importantly make money with the technology. There will always be a tech savvy person around to help you, if you just ask.

However, there are still technical terms that need to punch through that shielding because there's no other way to explain them. The entire family of website codes is part of that technical ...

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