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Tuesday, February 09, 2010

I Almost Didn't See Ya

by Jill Clarvit
I Almost Didnt See Ya sendoutcards

The thought was there; it was well conceived, nicely photographed, and the words were catchy. But, it almost landed right in the recycling bin along with the 5 holiday catalogs that I received on Saturday. It was even slightly oversized: 5.5” x 8 1/2 x5”. Oh sure, it was shiny and smooth, but the tricky thing about a postcard is that you have no control as to how it’s going to land in your mail.

In this case, the back was showing with my address and the usual required postal regulations along with some other legality about a contest that was being run. There wasn’t anything t...

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Things to think about before you set up a jewelry e-commerce website.

by Matthew A Perosi
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Here are several things to think about before you jump right in and decided to set up a jewelry store online.

When looking at different website platforms, you need to find out if you can import your inventory list. How difficult was it to type all your inventory into your point of sale software initially? Imagine having to retype it all again into your website.<...

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