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Friday, January 22, 2010

Lesson 2 Vocab 27 - Heading

by Matthew A Perosi
Just link in a newspaper, the heading of each individual web page should be the largest and most prominent words on the page. Just like in a newspaper, the headline should sit near the top of the page, right above the main content. And finally, just like in a newspaper a website heading is measured in different sizes from "Header 1" through "Header 6."

A "Header 1" is referred to as <h1> and a "Header 6" is referred to as <h6>. The h1 is physically the largest header font size and h6 is the smallest. Naturally there are different steps of sizes in between with h2's, h3's, h4's and h5's.

Every page of your website should include a Header 1. The search engines will look for words designated as Header 1. Using the <h1> setting will improve your visibility in search engines.

If your web page ...

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