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Monday, February 09, 2015

The Value of Content Creation and Content Curation, Part 3

The Value of Content Creation and Content Curation, Part 3 daily-golden-nugget-1186-34
What's your favorite type of content? Given that content includes written articles, videos, podcasts, photography, and every other type of creative digital experience. There's a labor cost associated with creating a digital experience for your customers, a cost that's not easily understood by small business owners.

There's also a competing value of the content that swings between the long term value to attract quality customers and the short term value of getting a lot of attention. S...

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Monday, February 02, 2015

Content Marketing Costs Will Change Based On The Target Need and Who Creates It

Content Marketing Costs Will Change Based On The Target Need and Who Creates It daily-golden-nugget-1181-56
I'll be the first to admit the website content creation difficultly level is pretty high. Content includes infographics, photos, podcasts, PDFs, videos, testimonials, and, of course, the written word. It takes hours to prepare each of those types of content but the return on that time investment come in the form of several years of attracting customers throu...

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Paying Someone To Blog For You Should Be Expensive

Paying Someone To Blog For You Should Be Expensive daily-golden-nugget-1126-0
For the past several years, Google has been telling website owners to write quality content for their website in order to rank higher in search results and to satisfy customers. This directive of theirs has spawned an entire industry of freelance writers that produce content just to satisfy Google's directions.

The optimist in me wants to say that Google has spurred the creation of a new generation of writers, but the pessimist in me looks at the type of content that's generally created and sighs in discon...

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Thursday, October 09, 2014

Hiring Freelancers and Paying Them on 1099

Hiring Freelancers and Paying Them on 1099 daily-golden-nugget-1099-33
Today is the 1099th Daily Golden Nugget!

There have been a few special number nuggets so far, like the 100, 200, 404, the 505, the 970, 1000, and now the 1099. What's so special about 1099? Well in the United States, that isn't just a number; it's also the tax form you give to your freelancers and subcontractors at the end of every year instead of a W2.

Although the US employment rules say you should hire employees and put them on payroll, there are times when you might want to only hir...

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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Google Beheaded Authorship

Google Beheaded Authorship 4116-daily-golden-nugget-1072
Google's done it again. Off with the author's head!

Over the past four years I have written about many online marketing topics and website procedures that are no longer valid. Social networks, review websites, and SEO techniques are forever in flux.

Facebook has changed or removed many of the features I've written about, but not nearly as many times as Google has changed since my Daily Nuggets began.

Most of the time, Google quietly changes their search algorithm features without telling anyone. But there...

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Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Preventing Writer's Block in Your Freelance Writers

Preventing Writers Block in Your Freelance Writers 7346-daily-golden-nugget-1028
It's not easy to beat writer's block once you have it. You can sit for seemingly an eternity trying to find the right words. Oftentimes, you might even feel completely defeated.

Thankfully, I learned how to beat my own writer's block a few years ago. This is my 1,028th blog post and I would never have gotten past 100 if I didn't figure out how to solve that problem.

Here are my 2 secrets to preventing my own writer's block:

1. I write the title of my blog p...

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