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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Decorating Your Website For the Holidays #TBT

Decorating Your Website For the Holidays TBT daily-golden-nugget-1399-7
In this edition of #ThrowbackTursday, I'm jumping back to October 2011 to the topic of website holiday themes.

In that Nugget, I explained how you could add a few small, cheerful holiday design changes to your website as well as some quick links to help holiday shoppers.

Most retail websites maintain the same design throughout the entire year even though those same businesses will dec...

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Thursday, November 26, 2015

302 Redirecting Your Home Page to Landing Pages #TBT

302 Redirecting Your Home Page to Landing Pages TBT daily-golden-nugget-1394-28
Today is Thanksgiving Day in the U.S., the only national holiday that transcends all races and religions. The holiday is typically celebrated by gathering together with friends and family and enjoying an elaborate meal. The next few weeks will see huge spikes in retail store sales, and today is probably the last day off most retail store owners in the U.S. will have until Christmas Day.

I'm mentioning this because a recent review of my own Google Analytics revealed that 47% of...

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Google Analytics: Landing Page Report

Google Analytics: Landing Page Report daily-golden-nugget-1092-89In today's Daily Nugget, I'll show you how to read one of the important Google Analytics reports that will help you understand how people found you during the holiday season.

Although this Nugget can stand on its own, this is actually the next part in a longer joined series of topics to prepare online advertising content for the holiday season. Launch it, then track it. I've included links to the previous Nuggets at the end of today's newsletter.

Today I'm starting with the Google Analytics Landing...

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

History and Special Uses of the Website Sitemap

History and Special Uses of the Website Sitemap 4371-daily-golden-nugget-1048
How deep is your website? The depth of a website is measured by the number of times you would have to click on a navigation link in order to reach the most nested areas of your website.

I've read website design recommendations stating that every page of your website should be reachable within 3 clicks. Anything more than that supposedly won't be of interest by website users.

But when it comes to a product catalog, it's very easy to dive down into 4 levels very quickly. <...

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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

There's Money in The List; The Wish List

Wish lists are in important part of any successful jewelry store. Inviting a "just browsing" customer to start a wish list creates the potential for future sales, especially when you also ask for the email address of their significant other to whom to send the wish list to.

Some stores hold evening events a few times each year where no buying is allowed, but everyone creates a wish list.

Do you maintain wish lists in your store? What do you do with them when a customer writes them out?

We know of a few jewelers that still keep index card sized wish lists even though their point of sale computer allows them to computerize it. Those index cards do have a classic charm and an obvious personal sales touch to them, and of course they are still the only option if a jewelry store doesn't have an easy to implement compute...

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Google Analytics and Last Minute Holiday Website Changes

Have you looked at your Google Analytics data recently?
Is your holiday traffic up or down?
Do you know how your customers are finding you?

You may not be aware of it, but in the US, Google recently changed the way the SERP page works. Whenever Google or Gmail users are logged into their account, Google activates a secure web browser session.

In other words they are changing the browser from:

As more and more information is tied together between Google's various products, this seems like a safe measure to protect us all, however there's a serious downside. This security is going to change the way you read your Google Analytics because your search keyword data will slowly disappear.

The "https" feature is designed to block all information unless...

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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Two Suggestions to Immediately Spice Up Holiday Sales

Headlong into the holiday season already and you are either hoping for better or already happily surprised.

We're already hearing it both ways. Depending on the location, some jewelers have higher sales, some are the same as last year, and we've even heard from one that didn't have a single phone call or walk-in at all last week!

We're pretty sure that no matter what situation you are in you would be happy to get a few more quick sales this season so here are two fast tips to fish for some extra customers today.

1. Send an email to your list.

Alright, so we published that entire Holiday Run-Up and many days of email examples, but have you used those ideas? A few months ago we signed up for email newsletters from several dozen large and small jewelry stores. We're monitoring the messages and intensity of ...

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Friday, June 24, 2011

What Should be on Your Holiday Mobile Website?

Christmas Eve is 6 months from today and we want your website to be ready. We know you are already planning your holiday ads and looking at potential styles for your holiday inventory, and you should be planning your website right now, too.

All week we've been reviewing holiday shopping data published by Google at We're giving you the more relevant data for retail jewelry stores with ideas of what to do with it.

Mobile phones with 4G technology are more widely available this year. Most (if not all) smartphone plans now require some type of data plan with internet browsing. Google says the mobile market each holiday season since 2008 has risen 300% due to faster cell phone speeds. Is it possible to still have 300% mobile usage growth...

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