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Wednesday, February 03, 2016

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Query Word Count and Unique Keywords

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Query Word Count and Unique Keywords daily-golden-nugget-1443-70
Throughout the past month, I analyzed different sets of keywords that I collected during the 2015 holiday season. Most of that research focused on overall analysis of the keyword data without breaking it down into the desktop, mobile, or tablet categories of devices. I chose that approach to save time, and quite frankly, so as not to bore everyone with too much similar information.

That said, in this edition, I am splitting apart the results to show you how the u...

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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Top Keyword Phrases

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Top Keyword Phrases daily-golden-nugget-1442-42
This is the last Daily Golden Nugget where I'll dive deeply into specific keyword phrases I collected during the 2015 Holiday Season. I've presented a lot of information over the last 30 days and I could spend another month sifting through it, but this stuff does get boring after a while when there's no specific goal in mind. That's an important thing to remember; it's best to perform your keyword research when you have a specific goal in mind. Every time I grind through keyword data, I seem to lose an...

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Jeweler vs. Jewelers

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Jeweler vs. Jewelers daily-golden-nugget-1438-30
The difference between the singular and plural version of the same keyword phrase oftentimes represents a very specific consumer point of view. When digging into your website keyword data, it's very easy to arbitrarily group phrases together, but doing so will most likely lead you to the wrong conclusions, which translates to the wrong SEO advice, which leads to the wrong marketing advice, and eventually the wrong business direction.

You have plenty of opportunity to capture data from your websi...

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Engagement Ring

2015 Holiday Season Keyword Data: Engagement Ring daily-golden-nugget-1432-12
Today I'm reviewing more keyword data that I collected during the 2015 Holiday Season, specifically some of my findings about search queries that contained the phrase "engagement ring."

Take note that I said the singular form of the phrase "engagement ring," rather than the plural form "engagement rings." Originally, I was going to review both variations in today's Daily Golden Nugget like I did for my VIEW FULL GOLD NUGGET

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Tuesday, September 09, 2014

These Old Daily Nuggets Are Now Rubbish

These Old Daily Nuggets Are Now Rubbish daily-golden-nugget-1077-98
Seventy-seven week days ago, when I reached the 1000th Nugget milestone, I got the idea that I should write a recap of all the technology that I wrote about that came and went since 2010 when I started this daily newsletter.

Although I really want to be nostalgic, I don't even have the time to look through 1000 posts to create a full list. But I'm going to give it a try and see where this goes, so let's have a little fun... Instead of learning something new today, I'll look at some old topics that I'v...

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Improve Your Website's Success by Anticipating Your Customer's Needs

Improve Your Websites Success by Anticipating Your Customers Needs 9565-daily-golden-nugget-1062
It seems like every day I see not one, not two, but perhaps more than a dozen different online marketing campaigns that make me scratch my head wondering why they bothered.

I'm not only referring to the jewelry industry either, but all types of online marketing. It just seems like so many businesses don't understand the larger view of how intertwined the internet is to everyday life and the expectations of their customers.

The business...

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

AdWords Test Budgets Help Discover Keywords

AdWords Test Budgets Help Discover Keywords 3114-daily-golden-nugget-1039
Google changes the way AdWords works all the time. I'm continually reviewing all their changes just to keep up with the latest features. It's not easy.

Regardless of the new features Google AdWords has, the first thing you need to decide when setting up your new AdWords campaign is the list of keywords to target.

What keywords are best? That's a real tough question to answer since Google hides them from you in your Analytics reports.

According to Google's search engine op...

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Basic SEO: Keywords for Jewelers

Basic SEO: Keywords for Jewelers 1938-daily-golden-nugget-1034
This short post is part of my "Grains of SEO Gold" series covering basic SEO topics and how to apply them.

Today's SEO Topic: Keywords

Once upon a time, if you wanted your website to rank for a particular keyword, you would simply include that word on your web pages a specific numbers of times in order to get top ranking in the search results.

For many years, it was a competition of keyword density between different websites that wanted to rank higher.

Those web pages with high repetitive...

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Monday, December 09, 2013

More Keyword Research On Your Own Website

More Keyword Research On Your Own Website 706-daily-golden-nugget-881In a recent Daily Golden Nugget, I explained how you could use your website page titles as a way to discover keywords on your own website. That method assumes that you've fine tuned your page title tags and written your website pages to the best possible SEO practices.

But there's a more accurate way to acquire keyword data from your website, but it takes a little setup...

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Would you prefer 1 Ring or many Rings?

I came across an interesting article last week written by Dr. Siddharth Shah, the Director of Business Analytics at Adobe. He monitors the analytics of $2 billion dollars in online advertising. According to his research, he says that people doing singular term searches are on average closer to making a purchase than plural searches.

You can't dispute his findings for the financial industry since that's mostly what he deals with. I've taken his analysis idea and applied it to the jewelry industry and given you some actionable conclusions below.

Since e-commerce is pretty much a bust for retail jewelers, I have more organic data on the search terms "engagement ring" and "engagement rings" instead of e-commerce conversions. Without actual conversion numbers I have to apply what I know about visitor intent in order to make s...

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Friday, April 20, 2012

Jewelers Must Give Up On Bridal Sales

We're sorry this Daily Golden Nugget is so long, but it didn't make sense to split it. YOU MUST READ THIS. WE HOPE IT CHANGES YOUR WAY OF THINKING!

The web changes way too fast for mere mortals to really keep up, we estimate there are drastic changes every two months. In March 2012, Google changed the way they rank keyword phrases, and they announced their changes at the beginning on April 2012.

We took a close look at this and figured out how these changes affect the retail jeweler. As a comparison we we're jumping back to Daily Golden Nugget #398 from February 1, 2012... In other words, just two months ago.

We need to revisit these phrases so you understand how to adjust your blogging strategies and keyword usage:
* wedding ring stores
* jewelry stores
* jewelry
* wedding ring
* bridal jewelr...

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Don't Peddle Pave Engagement Rings

If you have a specific question about your website, or online marketing, please send it in via any of our channels. We're here for your Q&A as well as these Daily Golden Nuggets.

One of the questions we received this week lead us on a path of research into the keyword "pave," and we'd like to share what we found.

When looking at the keyword "pave" we wanted to figure out what the best phrases would be for some blog posts and educational articles.

Some initial findings from our logs showed that we might want to write a few blogs using these 3 phrases:

pave engagement rings
pave engagement ring
pave diamond engagement ring

We then took these phrases and plugged them into Google Insights to see what the results might be.

We found that since 2006 the number of people using those search phra...

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Your Engagement Ring Store is Not a Wedding Ring Shop

We've covered a few different topics about meta descriptions and meta keywords over the past few days. Today we'll continue with some ideas how to avoid keyword stuffing.

Month after month our own compiled research always shows these keyword phrases among the most frequent searched:

jewelry store
jewelry stores
engagement ring stores
wedding ring stores

Basic SEO strategies dictate that you must include the words jewelry, stores, engagement, wedding, and ring on your website if you want to be found. But don't over use the words; otherwise you might look like a spammer. An overused keyword is one that appears unnecessarily on the page. Imagine the English language without pronouns; how annoying would it be to keep repeating someone proper name over and over again while talking to them? If you can imagine ...

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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Holiday 2011 Run-Up: Ninja Keyword Analysis

Today's ACTION ITEM is to find out what keywords people are using to find your website, and then to make sure the content on your website is suitable. Not only that, but we'll show you how to find important keywords that other jewelry stores are not competing for.

First you need to navigate over to

This is Google's public location for their AdWords Keyword Research tool. If you have an AdWords account, you should log into that instead and go to your Reporting and Tools tab, then the Keyword Tool option.

Once you get to the Keyword Tool, you will find a form at the top where you can type in a "Word or phrase" or a "Website." To start this exercise let's type "" into the website ...

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